August 16, 2010

Life is tough but it only makes me stronger

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This is an interesting story that I had come across years ago. Later on I couldn’t find any references, so I am not sure if the story is for real. Yet it’s an interesting story we all can learn from.

So there is a poor man who wants make a living out of sword fighting. He has heard that the Tsar rewards sword fighters handsomely. He wants to earn a big reward, so that he can take care of his ailing parents.

He had heard that there is a monk who lives on the mountain is an excellent sword fighter. So the man goes to the monk and asks him if he could teach him sword fighting and how much time it would take. The monk replies that he can teach him sword fighting in ten years. The man is astounded, his ailing parents would die meantime and he would never be able to serve them. He got anxious and told the monk can he make it bit quicker?

The monk replied, “Yeah , you could take twenty years.”

After some argument with the monk the man relented, decided to stay with the monk and do whatever it takes to be a good sword fighter.

So the training starts with mundane tasks like watering the plants, doing kitchen work, cleaning the monastery, etc. Slowly the monk starts hitting the man with stick without any warning while he is doing his work. As the days pass the frequency of the attacks increase. Now the man is whipped even when he is sleeping. Yet there is no sword training in sight.

The man is of tough vigour and continues to stay with the monk. Meanwhile he now slowly starts defending those attacks, with whatever strength he has. Over a period of time his reflexes become very sharp, he learns the nature of his master. He is able to read the moves of his master before he attacks him. Over a period of time he is able to defend the monk even when he asleep.

After five years of such harsh thrashing the man now becomes impregnable, his reflexes are extremely sharp and he has completely read his opponent. At this moment the monk decides to teach him sword fighting.

To summarise, the man becomes excellent sword fighter and wins two Olympic golds for Russia in sword-fighting.

Well there are some very important lessons for us from this story. Here the monk does not teach his student how to defend. The student learns on his own, based on cognisance, skills, strength (physical, mental and emotional) and vigour. His ability was inherent, is was not made by the thrashing it is only brought forth.

We all have to lead our lives. Now the question is do we lead it complaining about the hardships en-route or do we take up the challenge unto ourselves and face it with all that we have.

Each one of us have our own set of skills, strengths and weaknesses. Formal education would form the structure the structure of your goals, but it can never be the foundation of it.

Life is similar to this monks, it hits us without any warning. If things go wrong, understand that’s a lesson for you to learn. You have to face it and successfully overcome the challenge with your own skills, cognisance and strengths. Over a period of time you develop your become impregnable and bad things stop happening to you or at least you have the required strength to overcome a bad situation. It is life’s own way of teaching you. You are first slapped hard on your face and then taught a lesson. This way you won’t forget the lesson even when you are half asleep. So next time when life presents with you a challenge, understand you are being chiselled for a bigger opportunity.

Second thing the monk teaches is “Haste makes waste.”

You cannot learn things in a hurry. If you want to be a master in your field, you must dedicate necessary time to acquire the mastery with a laser sharp focus on the goal.

If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere. Life is tough, but it only makes me stronger.

Cheers to life !!