May 5, 2011

Is the justice really done?

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On 1st May 1945 US announced death of Adolf Hitler and year later on the same day, US again announced death of Osama bin Laden. Probably they are still celebrating in US, but is the justice really done.

This dialogue for the movie “Halla Bol” has permanently itched on my mind, “Khoon toh bohot bahaya hai maine, par khoon bahane se aadmi marta hai samasya nahi !”

Rightly pointed out by Pankaj Kapoor’s character; shedding blood would only kill the person, not the problem.

A few facts before putting up my opinion.

  1. The mansion where Osama was killed is technically a part of the premier Military training academy of Pakistan equivalent to India Military Academy or the Royal Military Academy of UK.

  2. Even officially US has records that he lived in this mansion for at least 2 years.

  3. There were no records of ownership of the land or financial accounts of the people who lived in the mansion.

  4. The mansion was literally a fortress built to protect such high-profile terrorist.

  5. Apart from the public statement of President Obama, there is no other credible source of information that he is dead.

  6. There was no official confirmation from Pakistan that their intelligence or Military was involved in the operation. It took more than 24 hours for their Prime minister to deny it.

  7. Till date $19.6 billion aid was given to Pakistan, $13 billion for security related purpose. The multiple occasion of Pakistan defaulting loans from various countries/ banks, loan waiver are not included in this figure.

  8. The amount of aid given, has accounted the death of only 1 major terrorist.

Now some speculations:

  1. Osama’s pics are not released, keeping his identity completely secret. President Obama released a statement saying the pics would not be released and showing sensibility by stating that the job is yet not done.

  2. Osama’s body was (allegedly) set to rest in the Arabian sea. This means no chance of autopsy in case someone wins the right to verify the facts from.

Based on facts and speculations we can place our assumptions in 2 sets.

Set A:

  1. Pakistan hide Osama in his fortified Mansion.

  2. Pakistan had no clue of Osama hiding.

Set B:

  1. Laden was killed as mentioned by the US statement.

  2. Laden was killed way back sometime, details unknown. US now realised it and planned a cover operation.

  3. Laden is still alive, details unknown. There is a mounting pressure in terms of elections and mercenary business (unlikely, but possible scenario).

The two most logical combinations are to my mind are.

  1. Pakistan hide Osama and Laden was killed as mentioned by the US statement.

  2. Pakistan had no clue and this was a cover up operation. Laden was dead long back, details unknown or unverified.

In either cases Pakistan’s situation looks very grim, the first case is obvious.

Overall looks like Pakistan’s Major source of Income is terrorism. Hence giving protection to high-profile terrorist becomes very essential for them. They operate the way farming is done.

Sow the seeds in the young minds. Nurture them in a protected environment. Boost their growth with subsidised weaponry from mercenaries or allied nations. Harvest them when ripe and sell them to international market creating artificial need to eliminate the terrorism. Then hoard them the most wanted ones and rake is as much as benefit as possible. Finally at the tipping point sell the harvest at enormous profit.

The diplomats on Indian side would go on saying “Told you so.. told you so…” . Pakistan’s would go on with their monotonous monosyllabic response, “Denied… Denied !!” and USA would in its own league would talk of “Freedom, liberty, Justice league of America, Men of honour … ” and then giving out billions of dollars of hard-earned people’s money in aid to Pakistan so that they can buy M-16 and Falcons from US. In a way money comes back to the US defence allied companies.

In second case the threat would be, why did US plan this cover up operation under the very nose of Pakistan’s most elite military academy and abode of top brass retired army officer? Do they want to make a point that Pakistan’s military is indulged in terrorist activities ? Internally US has already considered ISI as a terrorist organisation.

Surprisingly what I see is that for years together there have been no education related partnerships from the US or aid been channelised in that direction. India would have to thank Russia (former USSR) for setting up the IITs and US for setting up the IIMs. There are multiple programmes / partnerships which are running between elite universities of these nations and worldwide, but Pakistan. Not a word on education. All the elements of terrorism are still there in Pakistan and Afganistan. Poverty, illiteracy and radical religious fanaticism. I won’t be surprised if there are more terrorist attacks and more Ladens and Zavaris taking leadership of misguided youths.

Sadly what US is doing here is just keeping a things evenly poised so that there is a continuous demand of weaponry.

What can we do?

So far, I don’t think as tiny little responsible citizens of India can do anything beyond reading newspaper.