January 30, 2011

Visit to Mhada Office

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Recently I had been to MHADA (Mumbai housing and Area Dev Auth) office in Mumbai and felt like I have moved back by 50 years in time.

So here’s why (A bit exaggerated, for fun ).

The concerned dept building was at least 100 years old (Antique piece ) . It had that old conduit wiring with big round switches (Again an antique piece) .
Now the fun begins, computer scientist might actually enjoy watching evolution software algorithms.

So as we entered the office concerned officer to be referred as Babu hereafter 😀 was attesting some tax related docs. He found a glitch .. immediately the peon was summoned (अरे तुक्या !! हेच्या receipts कुठे चिटकवल्या).
Now both started backtracking the references for the taxation made for that property ( Linked list) , finally the bug was found and the account was settled. Then the officer greeted us with a smile and asked us to have a seat. We were by then desperately looking out for chairs and by god’s grace a few officers / peons/ good for nothing folks / leeches were off duty (It’s a ghourmint Affice after all).

The officer then went to hunt file related to our property. Now there were huge line of cupboards (again antique) with cryptic numbers on them. He found the right cupboard but met with the segmentation fault … The file was missing from the right shelf, fortunately it was placed in the same cupboard. The thick file had all the records of the previous owners of the land since it’s inception, I guess.

After sometime we very done with our job and then the babu started doing his exclusive job.

  1. Manually copy a letter from template. (Time 30 mins)
    1. Check for all spelling mistakes.
    2. Do some correction (whitener and scratching stuff)
    3. Fill my details (Name, age, etc ) 
    4. Get my signature.
  2. Attach the new docs into the file.
  3. Start numbering the pages from based on the ref no of the latest doc.
  4. Update the index on the last page with relevant doc titles and page no. 

Once done with that .. File moved to senior babus,  तुक्या is summoned again, using VFTP (Vintage File transfer protocol) .
Then senior babus summons junior babus for IRC chat session.
File is then locked into the xyz shelf of the abc cupboard.

Chai and then good bye 😀 … I was back to the future.


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